For Prescribers

Our certified Pharmacist will happily answer any questions that you may have. We are committed to working with you to come up with the best treatment possible while meeting all of your patients needs on a personalized level.

Doctors may prescribe compounded medications with ease by using these simple instructions:

  • Detail the script, making sure you begin with the phrase: Compounded Medication
  • Detail the names of the active ingredients/ strength or dose
  • Detail the dosage form
  • Detail the quantity
  • Detail the directions for use


If you are from a physicians office and would like more information on compounding medications or how to fill out a compound prescription please contact us directly at the compound lab at 810-630-0632

Most insurance plans allow the patient to be reimbursed by sending in claim forms if they don’t pay for it up front. While they may not be paying the pharmacy directly for a compounded prescription, many insurance plans will cover the final cost.

For compounding FAQ’s, please visit the PCCA’s informational site.


For ease of access to our pre-printed forms you can click the links below that relate to the form that you need for your patient.

             BHRT                                                 Pain


         Urology                                              Pediatric


        OB/GYN                                         T3/T4 Thyroid


Low Dose Naltrexone                       Wound Creams